Flamenco Master  v.1.0

Flamenco Master - software for all the Flamenco Guitar enthusiasts. Not many Flamenco Guitar players have the opportunity to play alongside an experienced dancer, which can be a real handicap in trying to get to grips with the Compas.

Flamenco Metronome Compas  v.3.0

Neither magic nor mysteries.


Compas WinPro for Mac OS X  v.3.2

The Compas WinPro shows every guitarist a safe way to play in the compas and how to count the Flamenco rhythms.

Bounce Metronome  v.4.5

The bounce is wonderfully relaxing, and precise. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities including all time signatures (even odd time), swing, polyrhythms, cycles, rudiments, notation like ♫ ♩ ♪♩. many rare rhythms.

FlamencoMetronome  v.4.0

It is an application which shows every guitarist a safe way to play all styles. It is a Stand-Alone-Application based on Quicktime architecture with an easy installation.

Guitar Power  v.1 5

Guitar Power is a very comprehensive chord and scales encyclopedia for the guitar player. It features all the notes of the music scale, including sharps and flats, and all the chords derived from them in all their variants and positions.

Mel Bay On Demand  v.1.0

Mel Bay On Demand downloads complete courses with all materials, videos, sheet music or tablature, and bonus features directly to your hard drive so you can start watching in just minutes.

Radio Nacional de España  v.

Todas las emisoras de Radio Nacional de España (RNE) en directo en WP7. Disponible en todo el mundo. Radio Nacional: Escucha toda la programación de Radio Nacional en directo. Radio Exterior: Programas para los hispanoparlantes de todo el mundo.

Hipersonica PSS  v.

Hipersonica está ahora por fin disponible para Windows Phone. Hipersonica es un weblog colectivo dedicado al mundo de la música actual, conciertos, discos, noticias, derechos y todo lo que puede interesar a quien quiera estar al día de lo más

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